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How the Grinch Stole Christmas! Book and Grinch (Classic Seuss) Review

How the Grinch Stole Christmas! Book and Grinch (Classic Seuss) Review


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    • How the Grinch Stole Christmas! Book and Grinch Gift Set Includes:
    • A hardcover book packaged in a sturdy gift box
    • A 14-inch tall, exclusively-available soft plush Grinch
    • A 32-page paperback “Good Deed Journal.” Filled with simple activities and room for children to write and draw



Product Reviews

“I Wish I Could Give 6 Stars! ”

I wish I could give this set 6 celebrities! It’s an wonderful gift to ANY child that loves Grinchâ$¦andChristmas! The toy is really adorable and cuddly with glowing red heart, the book is hard coated so it will endure for years and my favorite part â$” that the Grinch Good Deed Diary is just amazing: very vibrant with a lot of ideas for good deeds indoors. My 8 year old loved it and took it to school every day so that she can write her good deeds through the day. * 1 celebrity – Hate it! – Do NOT waste your money! Poor quality, came broken, etc.,. ** Two celebrity – Donâ$™t like it â$” I would not purchase it again nor recommend it. Not good quality, poor design, etc.. *** 3 celebrity – Itâ$™s fine – Typical item with both positive and negative qualities which may work for some people. I would certainly hunt for better quality/design. **** 4 celebrity – Much like it â$” Item functions as advertised. I’d change a couple of things about this, but is a great product overall. I’d recommend itâ$¦***** 5 star – I love it! – This product is great. I will use it, recommend it and buy again as a Present

How the Grinch Stole Christmas! Book and Grinch (Classic Seuss) Review | 0553524453 Review


“Fantastic Well Rounded Gift”

This is a fairly fun box set for How the Grinch Stole Christmas! It comes not just with a nice hard cover version of the narrative, but also comes with a diary to keep track of your good deeds, along with a filled Grinch!For this review I believed it would be better to review each part individually, therefore here we go!The Book:There really isnt much I can say about this book. It’s the classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It has been around quite a very long time. There are a few films made based from it. It’s by Dr. Seuss.In short – it’s a classic. It is a wonderful hard cover edition that you get with this box set, not a flimsy paper back, therefore it should be able to hold up pretty well. No complaints here.The Journal:I loved the idea of this journal. The purpose of this is to monitor your good deeds. It goes along with the story in that good deeds will let your heart grow in size. Just like how the Grinchs heart grew in the story. It is an awesome way to include a lesson with this well loved story.What I didn’t like was that the diary was paper back. It’s also somewhat small. While I understand the idea behind the length of this, I wish they had made it somewhat thicker and had awarded it a trade fabric cover or something. I would really like this journal to be sturdier since the notion is to use it and write inside. I dont think it will last quite long with the way it’s created now.The Grinch:When I handed my 10 month old the Grinch she stopped, smiled, and giggled at him until she took it. If this doesnt say how awesome this stuffed Grinch is I dont know what will. He’s super soft and very lovable. In addition, he seems to be well made.Final Ideas:This is a super cute box set. It definitely makes a fantastic present. You get a fantastic story, an enjoyable way to find out about doing fine things, and a Grinch to love and hug. Very well rounded should you ask me.My Rating4.5 starsThis review relies on a finished copy provided by the publisher in exchange for a just and honest review.Find a lot of my reviews here:

How the Grinch Stole Christmas! Book and Grinch (Classic Seuss) Review | 0553524453 Review