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    Christmas Delight

Surviving Christmas Review

Surviving Christmas Review


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“Glad To See It About Blu Ray. ”

I have this on DVD. It’s one of m holiday pictures. It is so funny, while at precisely the same time heart warming. It is about a guy who discovers that love is more important than anything else. It’s an odd movie. A bit slow and there is not much happening. That is only one reason I like it so much. When I was back in the 90s, it reminds me of one of these TV movies I saw. It is simple to understand and ultimately, you will have enjoyed it. Do yourself a favor and pick this movie up now, in time for the holidays!!!!

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“Renting A Family For Christmas”

Ben Affleck is a rich guy who has no family. He starts freaking out about being alone on Christmas after his girlfriend dumps him. He pays a visit to his childhood home and meets the dysfunctional family that resides there. He offers to pay them $250,000 to be his family for Christmas. I wonâ$™t give away what happens but this film is full of shenanigans and eloquent, humorous comedy. Itâ$™s also heartwarming but not in a corny way. This movie touches on real life and accentuates the things we take for granted that should be considered with the utmost significance.

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“Dysfunction Thy Name Is Christmas”

The films opening montage contains a businessman being fleeced with a Salvation Army Santa and a sweet-haired granny puts her head in the oven while Andy Williams warbles The Most Wonderful Time of the Year on the soundtrack. Toto, were not in a miracle on 34th Street. Paradoxically, its another dysfunctional family Christmas movie popularized by National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. On a sliding scale from Four Christmases to Christmas With The Kranks this particular ones. . .not bad. Sure, theres a certain predictability to the enterprise but theres enough real laughs to give it the pass. I adored James Gandolfinis patriarch using the short fuse. A bit Tony Soprano but thats not a bad thing. Bill(not William H.) Macy was a hoot as the bud smoking celebrity that Ben Affleck hires to play with his grandfather. Wait till you see his understudy. A riotous scene entails the fifteen year old son downloading a picture of his mother for an adult internet site. The look on the children face is priceless. Not timeless stuff but it fills some sort of inherent need we have to consider other individuals have worse Christmases than we’ve. At least my wife thinks so.

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“Holiday Sleeper”

Came across this little gem by accident. Granted, its not a deep, big-budget creation — not every movie can (or should) be. It is exactly what it is: a highly entertaining small film that doesnt take itself too seriously. Affleck is great as a manipulative company wunderkind whos seeking to recapture the spirit of Christmas past the only way he knows how; by buying his way to a household. The chemistry between his and Christina Applegates personalities is surprisingly natural — Id like to see them together again in a different romatic comedy. Gandolfini, OHara, Zuckerman and Macy are well-cast in supporting functions. Along with the conversation, nevertheless improvised, is quotably memorable. For people like me who believe the commercialization of Christmas has left it an unnecessarily stressful time of year, kick back with a glass of eggnog and a plate of biscuits, have some laughs, and let heterosexual Christmas help take the vacation edge off.

Surviving Christmas Review | B0006JMLPM Review